Generate POWR

Power Generators generate POWR every second. Generators do not stop working (ever) except your POWR Storage is full.

Value increases

Due to the nature of the smart contract the balance will gradually increase and therefore increase the value of each POWR


You can sell your POWR anytime.
1 POWR is 0.0000001% of the contract balance. The maximal amount you can sell at once is 100'000 POWR

POWR Generators

Buying Power Generators increases your daily POWR yield and the current POWR price. Everytime you buy a specific generator its price increases by 10% for you and the money goes into the global pot.

Bigger generators generate more profit, every generator is over 20% more profitable than the one before.

Make sure you have enough Storage

- / DAY
- / HOUR
- / MIN


WALLET:   0x0 0 TRX

Available POWR Generators

POWR Storage

You need storage for your POWR units. If your storage is full your generators are forced to stop working.

Your Storage


You get 1 Small Battery for FREE with your first Generator

Additional storage must be purchased and contributes to the global payout pool and therefore increases the current POWR price. After each purchase the individual item gets 10% more expensive for you. You can buy multiple Black Holes, even thought it would not make any sense.

Exchange POWR to Storage in a 1/5 ratio

Instead of paying TRX for Storage you can also exchange POWR to a even cheaper price point.

Exchange POWR to ~ Storage

Referral Rewards

20% Referral Rewards split up to 6 Levels (8%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%)

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LVL: #6


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